The MERS outbreak in South Korea is making some people nervous about traveling.  I’m following some journalists on Twitter who are in Seoul, so I can monitor the situation.  At this point, the WHO and the US Dept of State are not recommending that travel plans be suspended, so I’m going to take my trip.  I don’t want to pay to change the ticket and I really want to go, so unless someone tells me otherwise, I’m going. 🙂

There are some people who would be advised not to go, I’m sure, especially people with lung illnesses, babies and toddlers, etc. Viruses are scary things because there are no medicines or cures for them. I hope this outbreak is contained soon and that there are no more deaths.

To keep up with what’s happening, I suggest following @josungkim and @elisewho on Twitter. There are others following the story closely, too, these are just the two I see posting about it the most for now.