Well, I’m getting Won. Just ordered some cash for my trip.  I usually get money out of ATMs when I travel, but it’s always good to have some cash on you when you arrive.  South Korean Won are denominated from 1 into the hundreds of thousands. I’m going over with 300,000, which is equivalent to about 290.00 or so dollars.  The exchange rate changes so I think of it as 1 to 1 and that keeps me pretty straight. Their money is very colorful so it’s easy to keep track of what’s what and for paying for things.  Here’s a view:

Having the currency in my hands always makes me excited for a trip because it makes it seem more real, even moreso than packing my bags. I’ll start gathering necessary items for packing next week. When I travel, I do take travel size shampoos and things if I’m going for a short time. Otherwise, I buy things when I get to the destination because some toiletries are heavy and are usually not expensive. I will bring conditioner, though, because my hair is very dry and if I can’t find a brand I know, I might end up with something that doesn’t work too well.

I heard that the rainy season has begun in Korea. I’m looking forward to some nice rain while I’m there. I enjoy being a tourist in the rain, as long as it’s not heavy downpours. So my photos might all be wet-weather shots, but that won’t diminish their worth 🙂