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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Spent yesterday doing some work and playing. After quite a breakfast at the hotel (it was an expensive  buffet but I was tired so I caved…), I walked up the steep hill to Dongguk University where I had 3 good meetings. At the end of a group session, we were treated to a drum performance by a troupe called Boom Boom. They were really terrific. I love percussion performaces, so this was right up my alley–a delightful, unexpected surprise.

Then I went off to Insadong, a touristy market with good-prices. I got some shopping done, even remembered to buy myself a few things.  One thing to watch for is ‘Made in Korea’ tags. Some things are cheap imports from China, so if you want Korean goods, look for the tag and check with the shopkeeper. I saw something I liked and when I asked, she was honest and told me it was made in China. So I put it back, haha.

Met an ‘online friend’  for dinner. It’s fascinating how we can build friendships online without meeting. We had a nice chat. We ate at a place that’s part of a chain of healthful buffets. All fresh food, not many carbs and good selection. I forget the name but it was good!

Today I am off to Hongdae. It’s a play day today and I have a very specific destination in mind that I will share later. I’ve been waiting a year for this. 🙂


After a mediocre flight on American Airlines, I arrived safe and sound. American uses older planes for this 14 hr flight, which I don’t understand. The staff were nice but the choice of movies was paltry and most people couldn’t plug their devices into the few chargers because they didn’t have the cigarette-lighter type plugs. Surely given the cost, they can do better.

Incheon airport is quick to get through so I was on a bus to Seoul in no time. I love taking public transportation. It was raining here, and will be for a day or two more, but I’m ok with it. My hotel, the Grand Ambassador, is very nice. I had a nice dinner with friends and then went straight to bed. I’m up at 4am, but may go back to sleep for a bit, haha. Tomorrow will be partly  busy and partly fun. Can’t wait!

In just over 24 hours, I’ll be at DFW airport waiting for my flight to Seoul. I’ve got a packed week coming up, but it’s going to be a fantastic time. Got some work scheduled and some play time, what more can I ask for?  MERS seems to be fading, so that’s a good, and the weather looks like it’s going to be nice, even with some rain forecast.

I’ll try to post every day, to keep you updated on the sights and sounds and, of course, the food!  My suitcase is almost packed–I start early every time I travel and still manage to feel that I’ve left something out. It’s a needless worry, of course, because I can get just about anything I need while I’m there. Do you feel that way, too, when you travel? Sometimes I purposely leave something behind when I leave a hotel, like a toothbrush, just to alleviate the feeling!

If I see anything interesting at the airport, I’ll let  you know. People-watching can be a lot of fun! Otherwise, I’ll be back sometime on Monday! Take care and have a great weekend!