In just over 24 hours, I’ll be at DFW airport waiting for my flight to Seoul. I’ve got a packed week coming up, but it’s going to be a fantastic time. Got some work scheduled and some play time, what more can I ask for?  MERS seems to be fading, so that’s a good, and the weather looks like it’s going to be nice, even with some rain forecast.

I’ll try to post every day, to keep you updated on the sights and sounds and, of course, the food!  My suitcase is almost packed–I start early every time I travel and still manage to feel that I’ve left something out. It’s a needless worry, of course, because I can get just about anything I need while I’m there. Do you feel that way, too, when you travel? Sometimes I purposely leave something behind when I leave a hotel, like a toothbrush, just to alleviate the feeling!

If I see anything interesting at the airport, I’ll let  you know. People-watching can be a lot of fun! Otherwise, I’ll be back sometime on Monday! Take care and have a great weekend!